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Success Stories

Interbank optimizes its customer relationship management through Siebel CRM

Thanks to the implementation of the Financial Vertical of Siebel CRM 8.0, Interbank achieved a 360 ┬░ view of the client and its interactions with the bank through the different channels. This allowed them to provide a better quality of service and increase the possibilities of sales.

Entel optimized its Contact Center by implementing Oracle Service Cloud

The integration of sales and the portability of the equipment proposed by CRM Oracle Service Cloud reduced the sales cycle; where, in addition, the Contact Center streamlining the client evaluation to focus on opportunities such as sales orders.

Volcan optimizes the management of relationships with its stakeholders through Siebel CRM

The aim was to implement a Social Responsibility Management tool that allows coordinating and controlling the most relevant variables that lead to avoiding social conflicts, guaranteeing the tranquility and continuity of mining operations.



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