Business challenge

With more than 100 social media management solutions in the market where everyone says they do the same, how to differentiate between these solutions and decide which provider to choose?


Oracle Social Cloud has a large audience, a global reach, a unified social media management platform and integrations with Customer Experience (CX) applications. Oracle Social Cloud is a scalable and business-friendly social relations management solution that allows brands to take advantage of the power of social networks through their organizations.

What benefits will it have?

Oracle Social Cloud allows you to leverage the power of social networks throughout your organization to drive real business results.

  • The characteristic of the indicators shows the intention of the consumer, the likes / dislikes of the product and the problems of customer service.
  • Create, program and publish social publications on important networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Weibo.
  • The exclusive Twitter partnership emphasizes customer service and raises priority messages for rapid resolution.


We chose Oracle Social Cloud because it is the best solution available that could help us connect closely with all our stakeholders around the world in a coordinated way.


We see that social media leads to business results. What we are doing with Oracle Social Cloud has been a good return on investment for us.

NBC Sports Group


Center of attention Novasys